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June 28, 2002:

SB577 must be considered by the Assembly Health committee by June 28.

We are on now on the final stretch in our quest for health freedom for California!

And our toughest and most critical battle lays before us.

SB577 must be voted on by the Assembly Health Committee by June 28. The support of this committee is by no means assured. If they do not pass SB577 (or if they do not take it up for a vote), our bill (and your chance to protect your right to freely access alternative forms of health care in California) will be killed.


If you haven't already, please contact either your Assembly representative (if that representative happens to be on the Health committee - see list) or Health committee chair, Helen Thomson. Please send them a short letter or postcard (emails are not so helpful), asking for their support of SB577, and then follow that up with a phone call to their Sacramento office.

It would also be helpful if you cc'd your letter to Senator John Burton, to let him know that you have contacted your Assembly representative or Ms. Thomson.

Thanks for your support at this critical time for SB577.
Financial contributions are also truly welcomed right now.

Here's to success for SB577!


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