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June 15, 2001:

Legislative update:
Our bill, SB 577, will be reviewed this fall by the Business and Professions Committee - a key State Senate committee. This committee will be holding public hearings that will prominently feature SB 577.

We must give the author of our legislation, California Senator John Burton, the support he needs to fight the powerful lobbies that back the status quo. We must demonstrate that there are large numbers of voters who back this legislation.

This summer provides us with a valuable opportunity to DRAMATICALLY increase the numbers of people signed up on this web site. We need at least a 100-fold increase in supporters over the next few months.

Here is your task:

Send out an email to at least 10 friends and relatives and encourage them to sign up on the CHFC web site and ask each of them to to send out 10 more emails! While we prefer sign ups from Californians, out-of-state sign ups are also welcome.

Also, we are actively seeking endorsements from consumer health organizations, such as cancer, HIV, and fibromyalgia support networks. Celebrity endorsements also would be a significant help. If you have contacts, please give us a call or send an email to the CHFC office.


Special note: To track the progress of the SB 577 by email, subscribe to the legislative update service for this bill. When you go to this page, you can click on the "Subscribe" link in the left margin and enter your email address.


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