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Downloadable Documents

The California Health Freedom Coalition has a number of essential documents available to download for your personal use.



  • A formatted copy of SB-577
  • A 7-page Legal Analysis of SB-577
  • A Sample Disclosure Form
  • An Information Sheet for your patients or clients.
  • A formatted version of the Provider FAQ sheet
  • A formatted version of the Consumer FAQ sheet
  • A formatted copy of SB-577

All of these documents are in PDF format, except the Sample Compliance Form, which is an RTF file so you can modify it for your own use.

While we do not charge for these documents, we do require that you register on this site. This will help us to continue building a constituency of practitioners and consumers to protect and improve this health freedom legislation.

We are also going to ask you for a contribution to CHFC. Passing this legislation took two years, thousands of volunteer hours, and put us $50,000 in debt, mostly to our attorney and lobbyist. If you find these documents valuable, please consider them in the same category as "shareware" and contribute $50, $100 or more to offset our costs.

Click here to start the download process.


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